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BloodOak County Ranger Corps

BloodOak County Ranger Corps

Hail Elyrians! My name is Sheppard and I am here to say that I NEED YOU!.

I am looking for those with the drive and passion for county wide ranger operations. What does that entail you ask? Well if you know anything about rangers then you know they are essentially high level law enforcement. We plan on patrolling our county for any threats, foreign and domestic, mann or beast. Anything that can harm our citizens is a priority to us. We intend to keep track of dangerous areas and either try and clear them out or inform the nobility that it needs to be dealt with. We will make sure the laws of the county and kingdom are followed. Now while we will operate out of settlements we are not acting as law enforcement in the cities or settlements unless we are asked to assist. We intend to operate outside of the settlements and cities where normal guards do not operate.


Is to have a chapter house in each settlement to operate in the country side surrounding the settlements. These will act as barracks for rangers, meeting locations, and training when necessary.


As we intend to patrol a large amount of land we require horse breeders and trainers, cartographers, and other crafters. More importantly all members should be able to fight in pvp and pve. Everyone should be proficient in archery and riding and then preferable have another combat method good for melee.

They should also have some survival skills due to wilderness patrol, and have some sort of crafting or gathering skill to be semi-self sufficient.


Rangers will work in small groups 1-3 preferably when on patrol, and when an issue is found that must be dealt with it is the ranger officers who will have to decide how many rangers are appropriate for the problem at hand.


Ranger Commandant:

Leader of the BloodOak rangers

First Ranger:

Leader of the rangers based within a

settlement and the territory that chapter house must cover

Second Ranger:

In charge of the smaller ranger groups on patrol or on a mission


This is your regular member; they are the heart and soul of our

forces. And will be responsible in mentoring apprentices before

they advance to ranger rank. They are expected to follow the

orders of their superiors and take on missions given to them even

if they extend outside of the county.


These are new members; they will undergo a training period with

a ranger that teaches them the necessary skills they need as well

as showing them how the rangers operate on patrol and missions.


If you are interested to learn more or join our organization please join our ranger discord and ask any questions you may have. We look forward to having you and serving our great kingdom and county.

  BloodOak county Ranger Corps Discord