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City of Vezina

City of Vezina

City Focus: Banking, trade, commerce, and advanced industries


All the wealth of the world visits the Merchant City to pay respects - if it cannot be bought in Vezina, it cannot be found anywhere else. This is what the travelling merchants, mercenaries, and bards tell of the City of Vezina on their travels across distant lands, the colors of the Blue and Gold emblazoned upon their clothes. As their stories fill the inns and taverns throughout the night, one can see the many lanterns in the distance lighting the streets of Vezina as numerous as stars in the sky.


Located in the heart of Bordweall, Vezina is focused on banking, trade, commerce, and the development of advanced industries looking for brave, mature, and farsighted individuals willing to stand together to build a bright future. Whether you are a merchant, farmer, trader, mercenary, craftsman, or gatherer, there is much opportunity waiting for you in this great city.


Come! See what Vezina has in store for you!