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Howdy all! I have been lurking around the Kingdom discords and reading up on the slew of kingdoms, duchies and everything the past few days. After having some great, welcoming experiences with members from all denominations of Bordweall, and reading King D's awesome post and philosophy, I have decided to pledge my allegiance to Bordweall and King D. Not sure about Duchy and County yet, though I have been spending some quality time with Trollfjell and Singraven/Saffira.

I am a Bloodline gentryman looking for a good place to set up shop. Ideally on the frontier or close to it, where trade and travelers are common. I am unsure about what craft I want to pursue, but running an inn or tavern would suit me, or running an escort service for caravans. Right now leaning towards a regional/local trade network with our own guards. Not sure yet. But I'm not too keen on government control - one of the reasons Bordweall appeals to me.

I am very excited to keep learning about Elyria, building community and preparing for the game. SHIELD WALL STRONG!!!