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Raivenhal, Scholars of Life

A little history:


Raivenhal found its origin with a single madman from a tribe of Waerd. Rather than accepting his place in the collective, he chose a life of solidarity and abandoned his people. Building a lone cabin in the wilderness he sought answers to the secrets of Life in Elyria. As the years passed and this lone man, dedicated to his research, slowly became known by others with curiosity in their souls who came to settle near him. What started out as one "mad" Waerd and a lone cabin in the wilderness turned into a quaint small town of druid-like scholars and in time would become the bustling City of Raivenhal.


Who are we today?


Today Raivenhal strives to continue unlocking the potential in all living things. The city will be built with two schools in mind for a wide variety of topics.




Zoology, the 1st school of Raivenhal, as it was the main focus of the lone Waerd that is considered the founder of the settlement. The School of Zoology will include 3 primary branches that are further broken down as each individual player sees fit. The first will be hunting and trapping. The next, taming and breeding. The Third will be focused on taxonomy and the discovery and creation of new species.




School of Botany will focus more in on the plant life of Elyria, as well as husbandry-based products. A blend of interests for farmers and potions brewers, chefs and medicinal experts. Whatever the purpose of your ingredients, how they come into creation and how thet are used will be covered through this school.


A blend of these two schools will bring about studies into husbandry, alchemy, and genetics.


Where are we?


Raivenhal will be located in Kingdom Bordweall, Duchy Seidrellia, Currently no set county as I am looking at becoming a Count myself. Raivenhal will likely be neighboring our fellow Brotherhood of the Fallen Blades town, Waymeet.


Why join Raivenhal?


Those that toss their lot in with Raivenhal early will have a number of benefits. The first and foremost being a shot at a title of prominence. A number of things will be taken into account with selections for those destined to run this city, but I assure you, joining up and showing loyalty is an important piece. For guilds, this could mean claiming one of the 3 guild votes in the Council of Elders. For anyone with a surname, the same goes for one of the 3 "Family Elder" votes. And of course each Headmaster has their vote as well.


Along with those benefits, joining us sooner means having much faster access to the resources a city devoted to understanding Elyrian Life will have! I have full intentions of investing ridiculous amounts of EP into research/craft stations for schools, equipment for farms, and more.


Government in Raivenhal


Raivenhal is considered an oddity among Elyria nobility. It gives as much power to the people as it is capable of doing. In many ways considered a democracy of some form. The the governing body of Elyria is based in the headmaster's of the schools and broken down further from there. Any issues pending in the settlement will be put to a vote among those considered the Elders of Raivenhal. Each Headmaster is automatically placed within the ranks of the Elders, from there any prominent townsfolk or guilds will also have a say in the direction of Raivenhal. However, each Headmaster will be expected to take into account the opinions of their school's members, each Guild expected to approach issues appropriately, and any prominent towns member with an ability to cast a vote will have the responsibility of properly representing the group they are there for. In other words, if you are a merchant you will be seen as a representative of the entire Mercantile District of Raivenhal. If there is no one to represent those who are already represented by a headmaster, guild, or family, that representation will default to the mayor.


Positions Available:


Raivenhal is new and I am founding it on my own thus far. As such, all positions within the town are still currently open and any that may be needed are up for debate as members of the Town join.


Mayor: Zeyron Shadowalker


Sheriff: Likely Taken


The Sheriff will be responsible for upholding the law in our settlement. He will be at liberty to hire deputies, mercs, and/or bounty hunters as needed. Though if intent on using city resources to hire such people, Elder Approval will be needed to some extent.


Treasurer: OPEN


The Treasurer may or may not be a position, as this duty might fall to the stewart. The treasure will be responsible for seeing that all matters of taxation and revenue for the city are handled and functioning.


Stewart: OPEN


The Stewart will be the "right hand man" for the mayor, and assist in the day to day management of the city, as well as things like drafting laws into contracts and seeing to the issues most prevalent to city life.


Council of Elders:


As stated above, the council of elders will act as representatives of the city and its various members in decision making. The Council has no maximum set limit, as the city grows so shall the council realistically. For now, the Council is comprised as follows:


Mayor: Zeyron Shadowalker/OPEN (Tie breaker vote, for the public, non-scholars)


Stewart: OPEN


Sheriff: Likely Taken


Head of Zoology: Zeyron Shadowalker


Head of Botany: Katelynn


Family Elder: Reserved


Family Elder: Tahki Suhana


Family Elder: OPEN


Guild Elder: The Brotherhood of the Fallen Blade


Guild Elder: OPEN


Guild Elder: OPEN







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