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The City of Roppenhilde

“Men are like iron - when put under heat and pressure, they either bend or break. Those who bend are the ones who are formed into the blacksmith’s sword, hammer, and nail. Hardened by strife, they protect man, build man, and secure man - no matter the cost of blood.”


Hail! The city of Roppenhilde!




Location: County of Karrah - Duchy of Singraven - Kingdom of Bordweall


Dear person, Roppenhilde is looking for new members.


The goal of the city, and the county as a whole, is for military operations against foreign powers. While we also need every other source of labor, we serve as one of the first lines of defense for the Duchy of Singraven, as well as the first line of attack. Members must be just as ready to fight as to work - very few will be exempt of this rule. Those who are driving for a profession that would aid in war are most welcome.

War is a form of business and it requires people from all fields of work. At the moment, it includes:










We are also looking for leaders. We do not follow a patronage system, nor do we give older members privilege simply by their length of membership. You earn your positions based on merit, respect, commitment, loyalty, skills, and aptitude. Although, if you wish to hold power, secure yourselves a power base and display yourself as an exemplary member and you shall be rewarded respectively.

All are welcome.

From Roppenhilde's mayor, Bostun Kumel.


“Bend or break.”

"Bend, or break"