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The Town of Berkshire in The County of Shade



###The Town of Berkshire


Greetings to one and all. I am Mayor Bradox Truthbringer, Lord of Berkshire.


Berkshire is a bustling trade town. Located in the Kingdom of Bordweall, the Grand Duchy of Caeruleum, and the Grand County of Shade. Berkshire is a place to come trade, craft, hunt, relax and get a drink at the local Tavern Quarks. The town of Berkshire will cater to Guilds and Crafters alike.


On sundays we will have a day of buffet. Tables of food and drink for our Guilds and Towns people at Quarks Tavern for all the hard work during the week.


During Sundays, the City of Berkshire will also be holding the day of The Hunt, The Great Races, and Fishing Tournaments. Throughout the year, there will be different Festivals.


If you're a Guild or individual looking for a home, seek me out.


**Discord link** : [](




###Our administration and plans


The City of Berkshire will be broken into many districts. These will consist of the trade district, the education district, the agriculture district, the breeding district, and the government district. The government district may entail the military headquarter and local security offices, as well as all the offices and departments required in a well-functioning government. This is subject to change (More districts, renaming of district, etc.).


It is our hope to be a river or coastal based settlement and to have a port for trade, but this is not assured due to the map and land selection currently being unavailable.  A port is optimal but not guaranteed.


As the City of Berkshire will be a merge of 2 County Level Titles, which would likely mean the merge of 2 Towns (25 parcel settlements), the City of Berkshire will therefore be a 50 Parcel Settlement and thus a City by all accounts. The size of the City of Berkshire would mean a larger starting population, as well as more a larger starting economy.




###Preferred geography


Berkshire divides into two clearly distinct sections with the boundary lying roughly on a north-south line through the County of Shade.


The eastern section of Berkshire lies largely to the south of the River Berks with that river forming the northern boundary of the county. In two places the county now includes land to the north of the river. Increasing the amount of low lying riverine land in the area. Beyond the flood plains, the land rises gently to the county boundaries with Two other Towns.


Much of this area is still well wooded, especially around The Great Plains In the west of the county and heading upstream, the River veers away to the north of the county boundary, leaving the county behind at the Gap. This is a narrow part of the otherwise quite broad river valley where, at the end of the last Ice Age, the River forced its way between the Great Hills (to the north of the river)


As a consequence, the western portion of the county is situated around the valley of the another river, which joins the Two rivers in The County of Shade Fairly steep slopes on each side delineate the river's flat floodplain. To the south, the land rises steeply to the nearby county boundary and the highest parts of the county lie here.


To the north of Berkshire, the land rises again to the Berkshire Downs. This is hilly area, with smaller and well-wooded valleys, drains into the river Berks and River Shade and their tributaries going into Paupackan lake.. The open upland areas famous for their involvement in horse racing.




###Who we are in Berkshire and what we are looking for.



**Mayor/Viscount**: Bradox


#####Council Members


**Breeders**: [Roksata Marskirs of the Marskirs Breeding company](












###Some of what's in Berkshire.






*Welcome to Quarks.The finest Tavern and gaming establishment on this side of Kingdom. Nestled in the corner of the Commerce District of the Town of Berkshire.Where you can come in enjoy yourself, have something to eat, drink,gamble and other things…*







#####Is Fishing your thing?


*Then try your hand in our Fishing Tournaments. Let's hear your fish stories I bet there will be some whoppers. At Paupackan lake where the Berkshire and shady river run into.*






#####Promenade near the pond


*Holding a ball, fine dining maybe having a wedding.

A Fit for Kings and Queens at our promenade.*



---------------------[City of Berkshire](