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Upcoming changes in the store offerings

  Retiring the Nobility Packages

We announced recently that the launch kingdoms for each server have been gobbled up by monarchs who hope to build their legacies on Elyrian soil. Many vassals have also pledged their loyalty to their liege and there are dwindling slots left to snag a duchy or county. To that end, we will be retiring all the nobility packages from the online store after November 30th.

The Monarch package is already out-of-stock on all but one server, but now the Courtier and Royal packages will also be going away. That’s not to say that players can’t try to work their way up once the game launches or earn or receive through other means, but starting as a noble will no longer be a buyable option if you haven’t committed by the time the packages go away. Have no fear! If you want to snag a nobility tier before the expiration but can’t quite afford it now there is a way! We’re bringing layaway back!

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The Official Launch Kingdoms of Elyria

Player-run governments and economies are a few of the unique aspects of Chronicles of Elyria. When we discussed kingdoms and land management in a previous design journal, we detailed the duties and responsibilities for the gentry, aristocracy, and nobility. Today, we’re announcing the official kingdoms for each of the servers at launch.

What does this mean for you? Nobility structures can be built with assurance about what server they will coexist on. If you are playing the Dance of Dynasties, the politics and subterfuge can now be server-specific. Organizations and landowners can begin to negotiate where they want to plant their flag. There are big repercussions, too. Every player is effected by the kingdoms on any given server, even if you don’t know the tribes in the kingdoms at the moment. Stakes are in the ground and the game is in motion!

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